Waste Management

We are dedicated to reducing the amount of waste we produce, whilst also being very aware of our carbon footprint. Through concentrated and environmentally friendly solutions, we help to cut down on wastage and increase recycling efforts to help our clients reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

By outsourcing your waste management to ECS, we can maintain your clean, working environment by disposing of your waste in a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient way. You can be assured that your waste is taken care of and that you are meeting your corporate social responsibilities.

Data security should be a priority for all businesses, with new GDPR affecting organizations across Europe, the risk of a breach will result in a fine of up to €20million or 4% of annual turnover. Every business has the responsibility to comply with data protection regulations and ensure that data is disposed of properly and securely. Our team of security personnel are vetted under the Data Protection Act, and carry out the destruction and recycling of confidential documents, both on and off-site.

Any material which is taken off-site is transported in locked containers within an alarmed vehicle and is delivered to specialist shredding and recycling facility and disposed of. At ECS, we make sure each stage of disposing confidential waste is secure and that risks are minimized.