Soft Services

ECS helps tenants and owners to enhancing the well-being of their employees and to promoting brand awareness by providing a comprehensive range of soft services.

Why choose ECS?

ECS are specialist in and enjoy a rich history of providing Pan-European and cross-border soft services solutions for a spectrum of industries and have developed and maintained strong long-term relationships with many clients.

  • Expertise; our team, including front-line staff members, use their expertise in the field to provide the highest quality services
  • Coverage; we operate out of 400 locations in 41 countries across Europe
  • Consistent high quality; we are ISO9001 certified and conduct regular audits with business stakeholders to ensure we provide the highest quality solutions
  • Proactive approach; our strategy includes anticipating potential issues, taking pre-emptive measures and driving continuous improvement
  • Innovative solutions; with strategic partnerships with some of the world’s largest chemical, machinery and consumables suppliers, we work with our customers to understand their cleaning needs and requirements, offering appropriate and innovative solutions and using specialist analytical technology, such as for the study of washroom usage
  • Environmentally conscious; we are ISO 14001 certified and use a high quality range of environmentally friendly products
  • Health and safety; the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and clients is of paramount importance to us and is a priority in all we do
  • Costs; our efficient and effective cleaning solutions save and control your costs, providing brilliant value services
  • Transparency; we share our management knowledge and insights with you to aid management decisions.