Hard Services

ECS offers a wide range of reactive and proactive maintenance services to ensure the safety and welfare of your employees and guests, and which are generally required by law.

Why choose ECS?

ECSĀ are specialist in and enjoy a rich history of providing Pan-European and cross-border hard services solutions for a spectrum of industries and have developed and maintained strong long-term relationships with many clients.

  • Expertise; ECS are specialists at ensuring your building looks immaculate and runs like clockwork, we take pride in being experts in what we do
  • Coverage; we operate out of 400 locations in 41 countries across Europe
  • Consistent high quality; we are ISO9001 certified and conduct regular audits with business stakeholders to ensure we provide the highest quality solutions
  • Proactive approach; proactiveness is vital to ensure the safety of our clients, we work to solve problems before they occur, preventing future damage and costs
  • Innovative solutions; we always explore and utilise innovative solutions and use technology to enhance our offering. Our teams exploit technological developments to further enhance your building and business operations
  • Energy efficiency; at ECS, we prioritise energy management and the reduction of our own carbon footprint. We use our expertise to help you to optimise your energy consumption and reduce costs
  • Environmentally conscious; we are ISO 14001 certified and use a high quality range of environmentally friendly products
  • Safety first; we believe that safety is at the heart of everything we do. Our teams ensure that all stakeholders are safe, in a protected environment, where wellbeing is held in the highest regard
  • Transparency; we share our management knowledge and insights with clients to aid management decisions
  • Fully managed process; our experts are dedicated in taking responsibility and getting the job done. With ECS you have peace of mind that your business and building is in safe hands.