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OKIN FACILITY specialises in providing integrated facility management, which covers technical (hard) services such as administration and building maintenance, emergency services and energy management, technical inspection of equipment and support as well as administrative (soft) services: security services, reception, helpdesk, cleaning, etc.

OKIN FACILITY seeks continuous improvement of its services, and offers its clients a unique set of know-how gained through its membership in the international European Customer Synergy S.A. alliance. Currently, OKIN manages 9,000 buildings with more than six million square meters of floor space.

Scope of services
Soft services: self-delivery
Office services: self-delivery
Security: self-delivery
Technical Maintenance: self-delivery
Other hard services: self-delivery

Меки услуги: самообслужване
Офис услуги: самообслужване
Сигурност: самообслужване
Техническа поддръжка: самостоятелна доставка
Други твърди услуги: самообслужване

Měkké služby: samoobslužné
Kancelářské služby: samoobslužné
Bezpečnost: vlastní doručení
Technická údržba: vlastní dodávka
Další pevné služby: samoobsluha

Mäkké služby: vlastné doručenie
Kancelárske služby: vlastné doručenie
Bezpečnosť: vlastné doručenie
Technická údržba: vlastná dodávka
Ďalšie pevné služby: samoobslužné

Servicii soft: auto-livrare
Servicii de birou: auto-livrare
Securitate: auto-livrare
Întreținere tehnică: auto-livrare
Alte servicii grele: auto-livrare

Софт-послуги: самодоставлення
Офісні послуги: самодоставка
Безпека: самодоставка
Технічне обслуговування: самодоставлення
Інші серйозні послуги: самодоставка

Turnover: 48 million Euro
Employees: 1.300
Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Obroty: 48 million Euro
Pracownicy: 1.300
Certyfikaty: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Our Team

Michal Jelinek

Chairman of OKIN GROUP and member of the ECS Board of Directors

Michal Jelinek

As Chairman of OKIN GROUP, Michal has a great deal of experience in the facilities management space.

Michal was instrumental in the development of OKIN GROUP, transforming it from a local facility services provider in the Czech Republic to the international company it is today.

Michal is also a member of the ECS Board of Directors.

Tomas Polak

ECS National Director / Strategic Business Director CEE, OKIN Facility

Tomas Polak

Tomas has been working in facility management industry since 2001. He is currently responsible for business development and key-account management at OKIN Facility. His role mainly concerns international clients not only in the Czech Republic, but also in CEE.

He is a long-term member of the IFMA CZ, regularly participating in conferences, seminars and professional exhibitions in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and internationally.

His previous positions include Sales Director of the Optimal Facility and ISS Facility Services Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Since 2010, Tomas has been the ECS National Director for the OKIN countries which include: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine.




Ul. Wojska Polskiego 8 41-208 Sosnowiec Poland