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Producing daily hygiene and cleanliness in thousands of companies is the permanent mission of the GSF Group that organizes and works with its teams in workspaces, production, health, transport, sale or leisure.

“Every day we make markets and extend our expertise. Our clients endorse the quality of our services and the reality of our commitment. Our results validate our business model and our strategy. I am strongly convinced that the key to our success is the exceptional adaptability that we have always shown and the fundamental values that constitute our culture – quality, proximity, responsibility, independence – we know how to cope with the challenges, develop our business, adjust our business in a changing environment, build our future on innovation. “

Jean Louis Noisiez, President – CEO

Scope of services
Soft services:  self-delivery
Office services: self-delivery
Security: delivered by Partners
Technical Maintenance: delivered by Partners
Other hard services: delivered by Partners

Services doux: livraison automatique
Services de bureau: livraison automatique
Sécurité: livré par les partenaires
Entretien technique: livré par les partenaires
Autres services difficiles: livrés par les partenaires

Number of employees: 310,000
Annual growth*: 4.4%
Average customer satisfaction score: 97.6%
New contracts*: 211
President: Jean Louis Noisiez


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Get in Contact with Us

1625 Route Des Lucioles B.P. 25 06901 France

telephone  04 93 95 50 83

email  info@ecsynergy.eu