ECS recently attended the first Hellenic Facility Management Association (HFMA) conference alongside Greek FM partner, Gen-Ka, in Athens. Gen-Ka has played an important role in the development of the new trade association which aims to bring credibility, recognition of professionalism, mandatory compliance and most importantly, trust, to FM clients in Greece.

ECS’ Chief Operating Officer, Scott Newland, spoke at the event representing ECS and Gen-Ka. Scott began his speech by discussing the journey of ECS, a joint venture of privately owned FM companies operating as one team throughout 38 European countries. This unique approach to FM service provision allows ECS to provide its clients with the highest levels of service through shared best practice, tailored solutions, and the ability to deliver a local service which is also mindful of local cultures.

Scott explained how at around the turn of the century, procurement changed and the majority of procurement teams and managers had little knowledge surrounding the FM industry. It was essential that the facilities management industry was properly understood in order to provide the best possible service to end users, as well as gaining a good reputation.

Facilities management trade associations had several important key roles to play in this regard and their work has been instrumental in getting the industry to where it is today.

In the same capacity, the HFMA, founded by 22 of the largest facilities management service companies operating both in Greece and abroad, is working towards a set of clear objectives. These include:

•    To demonstrate to the public the contribution of efficient and modern facilities management to sustainability and competitiveness of enterprises, institutions and government units
•    To inform the international best practices, services, solutions and technologies available in the facilities management sector
•    To improve the quality of services provided by FM companies
•    To disseminate the principles and scientific developments in management, technology, education, certification and applied practices in the field of facilities management
•    To communicate the advantages of effective facilities management
•    To assist in training on the principles, philosophy and essence of facilities management and the benefits this brings to the cost of doing business in their proper functioning as well as environmental, health and safety
•    To highlight the innovation brought about by the practice of facilities management businesses
•    To highlight the professional and scientific background of the industry and the business and human resources employed in it
•    To evaluate public policies for the sector and formulate concrete proposals that support the positions of the industry
•    Finally, to highlight the contribution of the sector to the national economy

The development of the HFMA is an important step forward for the Greek FM industry and ECS is proud to be a part of it. Scott praised the development and work of the Hellenic Facility Management Association, commenting: “It’s great to know that the HFMA will work to recognise professionalism and continually improve the Greek FM industry. Since 2013, Greece has seen a huge increase in its involvement in pan-European tenders for FM services and the growing trend will only be heightened with the development of the HFMA.”

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